How to Get your Kids to Clean up

Getting your children involved with daily cleanup is a great way  to teach responsibility and cleanliness  at a young age. Here are some tips to get your children to help clean up around the home.

Tip 1:  Invest in stackable storage boxes. Keep the children’s room easy to clean by keeping storage boxes and extra closet space around. Children will easily put things away when they know there is storage boxes .  Buy stackable storage boxes in different colors so it makes it easier to put toys, clothes and other items away in different color boxes.

Tip 2:  Make a fun game out of cleaning by putting on music to get your children moving to put things away. If you have two or more children you can always make a competition out of cleaning by using a timer. Whoever wins in the shortest amount of time gets a small reward.

Tip 3: Teach your children at young age. As soon as they can walk and pick up toys teach them how to put these toys back. Create a cleanup song and teach them to put the toys back in the bins where they belong. If you teach them at young age they will be able to carry this habit with them.

Tip 4: Make a schedule and stay consistent when children do not clean. Teach your children to make their beds in the morning after getting up and to pick up their toys and books in the evening before they go to bed. If your children resist your instructions to cleanup  you can always withdraw a reward or stop them from going out. Stay firm and consistent with your orders.

Tip 5: Be interesting with cleaning  at an early age. If your children can read then teach them how to alphabetize their bookcase and organize their study desk.

Tip 6: Get your children involved by simply asking the question “can you help me please?”  Children generally liked to be asked for help.

Tip 7: Children love to spray things, so get a small spray bottle and fill it up with some hot water and vinegar and have them spray down and wipe their toys, desk and furniture.  Diluted 50/50 water and vinegar is harmless to your furniture and children. Its a great way to get kids to wipe and clean up  their room.

Getting your children to tidy up around the home can be a little overwhelming especially if you haven’t instilled this habit from before.  If you have more than one child then assign cleaning tasks appropriate to their age.  A 3-4 year might clean up by dumping things in one container which is fine , but a 10 year old will learn that color coordinated  storage boxes are used for different things. Cleaning up with children can also be a great way to spend time together. When I get the clothes out of the dryer, I put my  3 year old daughter on the bed and ask her to hand me hangers one by one while I hang the clothes. :)

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How to Clean your Home in 10 or 30 Minutes.

As parents we are constantly faced with a time crunch to get cleaning done within a limited amount of time. Sometimes it can be frustrating to get the house clean just in time before last minute guests arrive. In this article I am going to show you how to clean your home if you only have a ten or thirty minutes.

How to tidy your home in less than 10 minutes.

1) Tackle the high traffic zone first, the front of your home leading into your living room. Tidy your living room by clearing up newspapers, put away things that are laying around and finish off with a quick spray of pumpkin pie air freshner.

2) The kitchen is the another room that your guests most likely will see. Quickly load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher, wipe down the countertops,and with a spare minute wipe down appliances that have any sticky fingerprints or food stains.

3) In the remaining couple of minutes tackle the washroom that gets the the most traffic in your home from your friends and extended family.Grab a microfiber cloth with hot water and solution and wipe down the sink, faucets and counter tops. Get the toilet bowl scrubber and scrub the toilet.

What to do with a whopping 30 minutes ?

If I only have 30 minutes before a stampede of guests come rushing through my front door I always follow my 30 minute cleaning routine. 30 minutes is ample amount of time to polish the surface of your home.

Here’s what to do.

The main traffic zones will be like before, the washroom, the kitchen and the living room. All the things you couldn’t get done in 10 minutes you can definitely do in 30 minutes. The dishes can be washed, dried and put away. Counter tops wiped and out of place items put back where they belong. The washroom can do with a good mopping, take out your H2O Mop X5  and plug it in . The H2O Mop X5 heats up in less than 5 minutes so you can quickly steam  mop the tiles in your washroom and kitchen for a tidier and more sanitized home.

You can also:

Empty out the waste baskets in the washroom and kitchen
Dust furniture and fans
Wipe and sanitize all door knobs and light switches.
Adjust the furniture and make the beds
The kitchen is the social centre of the home so make sure the kitchen is clean, sweeped and dishes put away. Again, if you are good on time heat up your X5 mop and give the tile floors a good steaming.
The Bathrooms should be spotless, start with the toilet bowls, then the counter tops and then the mirrors.

With any remaining time you have head for your vacuum for a quick debris pick on your carpets in the main living room.

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