Test the H2O MOP X5™ on a small isolated area of your flooring prior to overall use
on any floor surface.
Always check the use and care instructions of your flooring manufacturer or
distributor before using the H2O MOP X5™.
When in doubt, please consult a flooring specialist. Only use the carpet glider
on carpeting and rugs. Use of the carpet glider on other floor surfaces will cause
streaking and possibly scratching.

1) Fill the Water Tank with water:
Make sure that the H2O MOP X5™ is unplugged.
Turn the Water Tank cap counter-clockwise approximately 90° to the
“OPEN” position and remove the cap as illustrated in Fig. 1a, b and c.

Hold the mop at a 45° angle as illustrated in Fig. 1d and add water in the tank up
to the MAX level by using the measuring cup.
Do not overfill. The maximum tank capacity is 400 ML/13.5 OZ.

Replace the Water Tank cap and turn clockwise approximately 90° to the “CLOSE” position until the cap is tightened securely. The H2O MOP X5™ uses tap water. However, in areas with hard water, distilled water should be used for better performance.
Make sure the Copper Cone inside the Water Tank is always submerged in water (As illustrated in Fig. 1i) while operating the H2O MOP X5™.

Never put cleaning detergents or scented products into the H2O MOP X5™.
This will make operation unsafe and damage the unit.
2) Select one of the following Steam Regulator positions:
1 – Low, 2 – Medium, 3 – High and 4 – Hot Spray
1 – Low and 2 – Medium Setting: Ideal for cleaning all hard floors, such as linoleum, ceramic, marble,
wood, etc.
3 – High Setting: Ideal for cleaning carpets and rugs.
4 – Hot Spray Setting: Ideal for cleaning
bathrooms, kitchens, window sills, car wheels, etc.
You can change the Steam Regulator position and change the steam output while operating the H2O MOP X5™.

3) Once the unit has been fully assembled and filled with water, plug in the Power
Cord to a grounded electrical outlet. The RED light – Power Indicator will indicate
when power is on. Power Switch ( O / I ) is in the OFF ( O ) position (higher position).
Wait for the Ready-to-Use indicator to turn Green – approximately 20 – 30 seconds.
GREEN light will turn on when the steam mop is ready for use.
When the Ready-to-Use indicator light turns Green press the Power Switch ( O / I )
to the ON ( I ) position (lower position). The mop will start emitting steam.
To stop emitting steam turn OFF ( O ) the unit by pressing the Power Switch ( O / I )
If the Power Switch ( O / I ) is pressed (lower position) prior to Ready-to-Use light indicator turning green, water from the previous use will not be heated and will be forced out by present steam and will cause puddling to occur.
This may also happen if the Power Switch was left in the ON ( I ) position (lower position) from the previous use and the unit was disconnected by unplugging only. Make sure to turn
the unit OFF after each usage and then disconnect from the electrical outlet so the unit is in the OFF ( O ) position when used next time.

4) Slowly pass over the surface to be cleaned. The absorbent mop cloth picks up
the dirt loosened by the steam. Apply steam liberally. Keep a towel handy and wipe
away any excess water that may accumulate.
5) When the H2O MOP X5™ stops emitting steam, simply turn OFF and unplug
the appliance, refill the Water Tank and continue cleaning.

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